Our Live Cardano Stake Pools:


We are Jay & Cris, your pool operators. We believe in Cardano’s mission and we want to support the network by running stake pools (validating nodes).

Live Train Pools

Ticker: ADAT Location: Amsterdam View on pooltool.io

Fee Structure

Our fee structure is very simple, a variable 3% fee on rewards.

No fix fee. No maximum cap on tax rewards.

Why delegate to us?

  1. Low fees: With our fee set at 3%, you will maximise your staking rewards.
  2. Dedicated server: we run our pools on reliable, redundant virtual private servers located in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London. 24/7 Guarantee
  3. 24/7 Monitored: We continuously check our pool’s performance via monitoring tools and alerts.
  4. Up to date: We make sure to always run the latest versions of the program, and keep our stake pools well maintained.
  5. Self pledge: We will self pledge to our pools which gives us the incentive to achieve the best performance possible.



Have questions, need support, or just want to hang out and talk Cardano? Find me on telegram @jay_n_t in all the relevant Cardano channels.

How to delegate your stake


Cardano is a public blockchain and cryptocurrency project. It requires decentralized node servers to validate and secure the blockchain for all participants. If you hold Ada (₳) cryptocurrency, you can participate in this process and earn rewards by staking your Ada.

Your Ada remains within your complete control at all times and you are still allowed to transfer, spend, or move your staking delegation to another stake pool. Jump onboard the Ada Train for staking your Ada and earning rewards.